Notes: Chapter One

Chapter 1: It’s the End of the World As They Know It

Page 1

“Like the noose”: Jade Ortego, “Noose ignites tempers on campus,” The Lariat (Baylor University), November 6, 2008.

Page 2

“There were also the students”: Robert Shibley, “N.C. State in Uproar Over Racist Messages in ‘Free Expression Tunnel’,” Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, November 24, 2008.

“That night, four young men”: Christine Hauser, “After a Hate Crime Spree, an Intense Effort to Make Arrests,” New York Times, January 11, 2009.

“All four of the thugs”: Frank Donnelly, “Teen in Election Night rampage sentenced on state hate-crime charges,” Staten Island Advance, December 23, 2009.

Page 3

“The day after the election”: Dean Bohn, “KKK supporter ‘harmless’ but drew reactions,” The Saginaw News, November 7, 2008.

“A bus full of schoolkids”: David Edwards and Muriel Kane, “Idaho students chant ‘assassinate Obama’ on school bus: Report,” Raw Story, November 12, 2008.

“On election night”: Nicole Gonzales and Tom Callan, “Police investigating So. Ogden flag burning,”, November 6, 2008.

“In Hardwick Township”: “Hate Crime Incidents: From Election Day to Inauguration Day,” Trends in Hate, February 7, 2009.

Page 4

“Two days before”: Julie Arrington, “Racial graffiti found at fire: Homeowner in D.C. for inauguration,” Gainesville Times, January 19, 2009.

“On inauguration day”: Denise Gibson, “Clippings of Obama torched on apt. door,” The Jersey Journal, January 21, 2009.

“The day after the inauguration”: John Ellement, “Killing ‘nonwhite people’ was motive in Brockton shooting spree, police say,” Boston Globe, January 22, 2009.

Page 5

“We called up the SPLC’s Mark Potok”: David Neiwert, “The racist backlash to Obama’s presidency,” November 17, 2009,

“Among the indicators”: Associated Press, “Obama Has More Threats Than Any Other President-Elect,”, November 15, 2008.

“One middle-aged Georgian”: Jesse Washington, “Obama election spurs race crimes around country,” Associated Press, November 21, 2008.

Page 6

“In June 2007″: Interview with Ray Larsen, FoxNewsChicago, June 11, 2007, cited at

“August Kreis”: John Lantigua, “Local organizer, other supremacists say Obama’s run boosts their cause,” Palm Beach Post, July 26, 2008.

Page 7

“Rush Limbaugh ran ditties”: John Amato, “Limbaugh’s ‘Barack the Magic Negro’ on-air song has workers up in arms,”, April 26, 2007.

“In the Washington Times”: Steve Sailer, “The rise of Obama,” Washington Times, December 25, 2007.

“CBS News had to shut down”: Brian Montopoli, “ Turns Off Comments on Obama Stories,”, May 4, 2007.

“In real life”: Jeanne Meserve, “Obama placed under Secret Service protection,” CNN, May 3, 2007.

Page 8

“Brown is perhaps best remembered”: Joe Conason, “Will McCain denounce Floyd Brown?,”, April 25, 2008.

“Brown got involved”: Michael Scherer, “A Willie Horton Hit on Obama?,” Time, April 22, 2008.

Page 9

“That was the ExposeObama operation”: David Neiwert, “ExposeObama Exposed: The GOP’s Sleazy Nutcases Surface,”, April 29, 2008.

“Later in the campaign”: David Neiwert, “The Obama Smear Merchants Keep On Smearin’,”, June 18, 2008.

“Nonetheless”: Brit Hume, “Fighting Back,” Political Grapevine,, June 16, 2008.

Page 10

“The viral anonymous e-mails”: Christopher Hayes, “The New Right-Wing Smear Machine,” The Nation, October 25, 2007.

“All of the quotes in question”: “In His Own Words,”, May 21, 2008.

“The ‘quote’ was actually taken”: Steve Sailer, “Obama’s Identity Crisis,” American Conservative, March 26, 2007. See also David Neiwert, “Wingnut E-mails Smear Obama As A Racist — By Quoting A Racist,”, June 12, 2008.

Page 11

“Perhaps the clearest sign”: Associated Press, “Official: Gun suspects no threat to Obama,” August 26, 2008.

Page 12

“An Al Jazeera camera crew”: David Neiwert, “McCain/Palin supporters let their racist roots show,”, October 16, 2008.

Page 13

“In Las Vegas”: David Neiwert, “Racism, hate bubble up yet again at Palin’s rally in Vegas,”, October 25, 2008.

Page 14

“A New York Observer report”: Jason Horowitz, “Damn the Polls: McCain’s Irreducibles Beg to Differ,” New York Observer, October 19, 2008.

“The week after the election”: “Campaign 2008: Hackers and Spending Sprees,” Newsweek, November 5, 2008.

“Representative Michele Bachmann”: David Neiwert, “Michelle Bachmann gives voice to the right’s darkest impulses,”, October 18, 2008.

Page 16

“Bachmann was far from alone”: David Neiwert, “Glenn Beck: ‘They’re all Marxists’,”, October 17, 2008.

Page 17

“Similarly”: Interview with Diana West, Lou Dobbs Tonight, CNN, October 15, 2008. Transcript available at

Page 18

“For instance”: Ben Evans, “Georgia congressman warns of Obama dictatorship,” Associated Press, November 11, 2008. Accessed online at

“Then there was”: David Neiwert, “The looming Obamahitler dictatorship: Deja vu all over again,”, November 11, 2008.

Page 19

“Republican presidential candidate”: David Neiwert, “Ron Paul decries looming New World Order dictatorship under Obama,”, November 17, 2008.

Page 20

“In a February 2009 interview”: David Neiwert, “Alan Keyes: Stop that ‘radical communist’ Obama or America will die,”, February 23, 2009.

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